Who are you?


Who are you?

Sometimes you don’t know who you are. Sometimes you don’t love yourself enough to let someone love you. Sometimes you expect too much from people and let them go thinking you don’t need them; when you do. Sometimes you ignore the people that mean the most; when they’re they only ones truly there. Sometimes life can get really hard and you lash out; but it’s for no apparent reason. Sometimes people don’t understand you or get what you’re going through and judge you; but that’s because they have no clue. Sometimes people you love lie to you; but it’s only to protect you. Sometimes people try to put you down; but its only because you’re above them and they want to make themselves feel better. Sometimes things aren’t going the way you want; but you pretend like they are. Sometimes people hurt you; but in the end it only makes you stronger. Sometimes you hurt others; and you don’t even know because they’re too afraid to tell you. Sometimes people reject you; but it’s only a sign to move on. Sometimes your insecurities take over and you think you’re the most ugly, dumb and worst person ever; but your not. Sometimes people influence others so much that they become someone they’re not; and you’ll have to adjust or forget. Sometimes people that care the most; don’t always show it. Sometimes you’re afraid to show that you care about someone; because you’re afraid they don’t care as much as you do. Sometimes your biggest fear is yourself; because you expect so much. Sometimes you knock yourself down and think you can get back up by yourself; but you can’t. Sometimes you keep people in your life even though they annoy you; but deep down you really love them. Sometimes you say the wrong thing and never get a chance to fix it. Sometimes people love you so much that it makes you hate yourself. Sometimes you hurt people because you think it will make you feel better; but it doesn’t. Sometimes you love people who don’t love you back; because you care too much about them. Sometimes you go into situations with everyone doubting you; but all you want to do is to prove them wrong. Sometimes you judge people because you think they have it better than you do; but they don’t. Sometimes you say the right thing; only to hear the wrong thing. Sometimes you pretend to be someone your not; so stop.


Not everyone is like you; they don’t know your story, but you don’t know theirs.


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