Who am I?


The fuzz within the mind, as time is no longer just time.

You look for answers.

After those many chances.

You’re soul searching and wondering.

Who am I?

It started with a bit of stress.

As the days cames more you became depressed.

You feel this pain.

But it’s there to stay.

So you fill yourself with intoxicants to make the pain go away?

Here comes the shame.

‘Life’s just a game!’.

Is what you used to say.

You entitled yourself as a lion. Fierce and responsible.

A looker that’s irresistible.

Little did you know you were just gullible.

Impetuously lost.

Yet you call yourself a boss.

But now you realize.

That you were so blinded.

Ill mannered and blinded by illusion.

In conclusion,

You were guided by the world.

You chased after those girls.

Like a dog chasing squirrels.

Your world starts to spin.

You stop letting everyone in.

You realize all of your sins.

And that deep desire to fill that growing void in your ticker, that you forgot all you needed.

So you began to bicker.

Troubling you family.

Troubling your friends.

You wanted to be the lion.

But now you seek no berations.

You ruined your reputation.

So you settle to be a hen.

People looked up to you.

But now they turn away from you.

You want to get better.

Where do you start.

Then you start to feel that guilt in your heart.

It’s simple...look in the mirror and ask...

Who am I now?

It’s a simple life question.

And we’re all just looking for answers.

Going back you see all of your chances.

And you remember….

God comes first.

So pray and ask again.

Who am I now?

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