Who Am I

In today's world,
We tend to let society label us.
But yet we do nothing to stop it.
We let titles be placed upon us and it doesn't fit.
We allow this to happen because when we are labeled, we do nothing to stop it
We seem to let society make us happy.
But yet its wrong,
You could be what you want, but depending on what you do,
It is decided by what you believe in
We are stereotyped by actions
Yeah actions speaks louder than words,
But actions doesn't make person.
A person is founded on they're personality
But when this person have a certain personality
We tend to label
Why label if you don't like it
Everyone is their own person
Everybody is unique in their own shape, way,and form
So be true to yourself and know who you are.
Because if you don't no one will
No matter if you're freaky, gay, childish, intelligent or dumb,
Don't change for anyone and anything.
You are you and God made you that,
So don't try and change something that's already been made.

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Our world
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