Who Am I?

I am a musician.


Notes. Rhythms. Balance. Blend. 

The building blocks of music.

The start of a musician's career,

The core of my life.


"Useless. Frustrating. It isn't worth it.

We all have bad days, don't let them control you.

Opportunity. Passion. Destiny.

This is who you are, who you are meant to be."


Notes are the winding staircase to my future.

With every step taken, there is risk and regret.

Yet there is so much reward.

With every note played, hope grows.


Music is always there.

She is your cheapest, yet best therapist.

She is a friend in a time of need,

A nurturing mother when tears are shed.


I am a musician. 

Hardworking. Dedicated. Faithful.

Music moves me in ways that nothing else can.

It is my past, present, and future.


Need to talk?

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