Who Am I

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 22:53 -- LadyZee


Hi, Im Zyra.

Eyes stare, long straight hair

Dark innocent face, Tight coiled hair, stareing back with a glare

First thing they notice is, shes black

Disgusted faces and rude remarks mumbled under their breaths

Shouldnt her name be like Shananay, Shaliqua, Bonfwida, Dakesha ?

Hi, my name is Zyra.

Four letter name

Simple. As. That.

And yes, I'm black.

No my name doesn't consist of 10 letters, or end in nique, niqua, or dra. 

Z Y R A.  Zyra.  Kool aid, fried chicken, watermelon... rappers? I refuse to remain in your ignorant steriotypes Ive heard some whisper, "Ghetto" when im around Why is that? Ive never lived or even been around a "ghetto" Im confused When will I ever be looked at as just a human being? Im clean, Im kind, I have nice things, but why should i have to prove myself to anyone that intervenes I enter the room and all I am seen as is a black girl A simple dark shadow in a room full of bright lights Hi, Im Zyra. Shouldn't she talk a little louder and use a little slang? Like, how yall doin'? and um, whats yo name? No, we are not all the same Different backgrounds, different eyes, full lips, and the same color skin... black She uses standard english when she speaks "Where are you from?", They ask Does. It. Matter!? I was once recently told that before this person even spoke me, I was already a steriotype "I thought you were going to be one of those black girls that does nothing and just copies me" "I thought you were going to be one of those black girls that are like super loud" How much ignorance is that? I hadnt spoken a word to this young man and he already viewed me as what they call a "typical black girl" What is this place that we live in?
 The way I speak and the color of my skin should have nothing to do with the person I am Statistics say that basically by the time I'm in my 20's I'll be on welfare with too many babies to count and getting food stamps But I say, by the time I'm 18, I'll be studying at a university to get a degree in Criminology I'll prove them all wrong and change the statistics I'll be the one that looks back and says, "yeah... I did it" Hi, My name is Zyra, nice to meet you. More bright faces. Yet my dark skin still seems to sheild the amazing God given abilities that I have been blessed with Hi, I'm black. And if anyone expects me to change the way I am to fit their criteria or steriotypes Sorry not sorry but I'm black and there is no changing that College grad 7 years schooling And all I am seen as is black I refuse to remain in your ignorant steriotypes. I am human first, and then, I'm black.  


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