Who am I? A


Who am I? 

A question even I don't know,

For this face I do deny,

And body try to hide, 

This mask as my disguise, 

Every mirror will catch my eye,

To eat I have to try,



Who am I?

A question I refuse.

For I close the bathroom door,

My mind screams "On the floor,"

I purge, my throat so sore,

To my loved ones told no more,

But I knew nothing before,



Who am I?

I ask myself this question.

As this plot has gained a twist,

Every day must I resist,

But urges they do persist,

Thoughts of quitting I've dismissed,

As the blood pours down my wrist,

Self Harm.


Who am I?

This question I must know.

Even walking makes me weak,

I hear hate when others speak, 

Staring at the wall my eyelids leak,

As light approaches still life seems bleak,

I've taken meds week after week, 



Who am I?

A question I WILL know soon.

My family took me to a clinic,

These methods I must mimic,

Now I know not my own limits,

I'm getting better, I do finish,

My determination will not diminish,



Who am I?

Now finally I do know.

I am enough and I am me,

My future so bright I can not see, 

No stronger could I be,

I found confidence as the key,

I inspire, now others believe,



So why did I not know?

Why myself did I not show?

Why hide in curtains and the smoke? 

Why think I could not grow?

Why beleive I was alone?



With a mask worn on my face, 

Surrounded by others in the same space,

Each isolated in our own place,

We need to speak to our own race,

This doesn't have to be the case,



We are silent with our fear,

In our minds outcomes unclear,

We can make problems disappear,

If all can can fight persevere,

With all our voices speak sincere,










Need to talk?

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