Who is it?

Is it the mail carrier?

The bank teller?

The dentist?

The Chrisitian?

The news reporter?

The artist?

The Buddhist?

The construction worker?

The bartender?

The black man?

The school teacher?

The Mexican woman?

The taxi driver?

The Muslim?

The businessman?

The baker?

The Asian man?

The doctor?

The Hindu?

The plumber?

The lawyer?

The Protestant?

The coach?

The salesman?

The white woman?

The librarian?

The engineer?

The Indian man?

The Baptist?

The mechanic?

The secretary?

The soldier?

The Catholic?

The hairdresser?

The seamstress?

The Native American?

The author?

The student?

The Jew?

The cashier?

Who is it?


I know you want to know,

but you'll have to dig deeper than the surface

to find out who it really is,

and what they're really like.

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Our world
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