By Who?

Boom Boom. Boom Boom. Boom Boom
My heart slows down 
I feel the air getting thicker 
As I can barely breath
My hands are in some sticky liquid 
And I can barely see 
I'm trying to scream 
But no sounds are coming out
My mouth is moving but no sound
Finally I hear someone call my name 
Meghan! Meghan! Their screaming. 
They run over. But I can't see who it is
I see a figure, it looks like a boy
They scream and start screaming
"somebody call 911" it's repeated three times
Then I hear an ambulance 
I'm in the ambulance 
And that person is beside me
I'm in a room
Bright lights that start to dim
My heart beat is slower
The air is thicker
My life is playing back like a movie
My eyes close and 
My heart stops. 
I'm Dead! How can this be. 
What happened
My eyes open
My heart restarts
The air is thinner
I can breathe 
My bestfriend is beside me 
Holding my hand
It's the first time I've seen him cry
He looks so sad but happy
He gives me a hug 
And says "thank you God" 
A couple of hours later we leave the hospital
I'm on crutches
My right leg is wrapped
And has stitches
I was shot...but by who??
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