Who’s the Real THUG ?

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 02:46 -- Jtodd99

To all the woman raising white babies,  Are you raising your son in a country that is betting against him?   Do you worry that your son is going to walk past an elder women and she clenches her purse?  Is your son going to be constantly monitored from the time he walks in a store to the time he walks out?   Do you worry your son won’t get the job cause his name is “too ghetto”?   Do you fear for your sons life every time he walks out the house ?   Will you ever have to to tell him “always keep your hands where they can see them, and never resist” at the age of ten?  Black boys are labeled as a T.H.U.G. before they even come into this world.  T.H.U.G. Means The Hate U Give.  My brother could walk out the house tomorrow and not return all because a police officer seen the color of his skin and the texture of his hair.   I fear for his life everyday because the hate these police give.   My brother is instantly labeled a THUG because of his appearance, but the police officer that broke three of my brothers ribs because he was “resisting” is labeled a HERO.   My brother risks his life everyday by simply going outside because of The Hate U Give Mr. Officer.   So ask yourself this who is the real T.H.U.G. In this generation ? 

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