White Man White Man

White Man White Man

By: Alexis Stokes-Threat

White man White man

How art thou today

Do you like when the skies are gray

When they are supposed to be blue

You might not understand right now

But I am going to explain to you

Our black mothers fear everyday

Hoping not to find a loved one raped or slain

It’s been a scary life for my people for many years

While you laugh and complain we cry real tears

White man White man

How does it feel

To be the most feared race this year

Does it make you feel good to know you kill off a race without remorse

Or does it make you feel bad because you claim you are different from the others

You belittle us, claim us thugs and lazy

But may I remind you about the hard working days of slavery

White man White man

All we want is peace

But we can’t have that every time you knock us off our feet

POW… Another Negro gone

The news just reported the police officer did nothing wrong

Once again a black mother crying for injustice

How can you shoot a 7 and 12 year old

And claim that you were “scared”

But in all honesty

You just wanted to kill another Negro before you got home

We don’t want any trouble from you

We just want to be as free as the rest of you

White man White man

You will see

Who the next victims will truly be.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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