White Lies

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 14:09 -- jtd87

You're so pretty....

You're so funny....

You're so smart....

You're so talented....

You've got the perfect body...

Would you date me?.......

THEN SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

Shut your motuh before I scream

Compliments are never what they seem

When referred to me, you see

When I ask why I don't have a  man in this prodominantly white clan

Saying "It's because your Black" always seem like their plan

Don't lift me up to bring me down

I've fallen so much there is no more sound

The crash still hurts, the tears still flow, but the scars are my new skin

Strong and independent doesn't mean go away

We want someone to come over at night and stay

I know they like me...I know there's more than two

But I'm Black, there's nothing I can do

Society can not control you and neither can I

But those words you say hurt more than I can deny

So DON'T say them, DON'T even try

They'll just be more white lies to soak my eyes.




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