White Hole


Some people are ones,
others are zeros
and the rest are among the infinity
this lies in between them.
I am among the infinity.
I'm incomplete, yet satisfied
with all I have now.
I'm in the middle and do what both allow.
I am unaffected by the ones and zeros.
I am a person that wants to affect them.
I want to help them, be there for them,
lend a shoulder or a hand.
I'm not a complete loser, 
not a pushover,
not arrogant, but still a bit egotistical.
I'm the pillar holding both sides.
I think for others despite them not thinking for me
Because I consider them my friends.
I walk the same pair they wear,
but I break out of my shell
to help them handle life's affairs.
I support myself and
deliver that support to others
because I'm content with myself.
I hold my own affirmations and will help
individuals deliver their own.
I am among the infinity.


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