Whip Cream's Kiss

Whip cream's kiss in heaven
blue spoons in sweet rolls
radio waves of echo slide along canyons
tribal sirens gleam
his kis-- and wink

and wink and blink and wake
Dawn approaches
It's too early in the morning
for reality to strike
Back to dreams of his-

No. Wake up.It's time. No more dreams of
wake up. its time.
reality in full bloom.

Whispered voices in the back of my mind.
Push back the impossibilities.
Pick up your mittens.
snow falls romantically. no.

remember the snide comments
remember the disapproving stares
remember his laugh, dimples, wit
no stop
remember the confrontations

Who's to say lov is real or not real?
My decision
the decision
of each and every one of us.


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