On that which is most excellent

If I could take the best parts of the world

and put them all together,

It would look a lot like you.


Galaxies for eyes and

the smell of Autumn leaves as your colonge,

I would hear your approach,

footsteps, like a creek in a quiet place.

Your breath would smell of honey and coffee,

with your lips like the sweet release of sleep after a long day.

Your ears would be the sound of children's laughter.

Your skin would be made of the best paintings.

Your bones of titanium would support

the invincibility of your heart.

The brilliance of your soul would warm cold fingers and toes.

You would never know the permanence of disaster,

Only the continual renewal of promises.


I promise dear.


We are made of gentle cells.

We know of our decay.

This, and all that sings in the universe


reminds me how precious you are.

Every breath you breathe is a confirmation of my existence.



The best of my world belongs to you.

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My family
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