Where is your agenda Africa?

Where is your Agenda Africa?

Africa where is your agenda
That is going to replace
Dependency syndrome
With self empowerment?

Africa,where is your Agenda
That is going to replace
Mental enslavement
With mental freedom?

Africa,where is your agenda
That is going to replace
Internal wars
With internal peace and development?

Africa,tell meeeee
Where is your agenda
That is going to replace
Cultural abuse
With cultural promotion?
Where is your agenda my dear Africa?

Africa,Aaaaafrica, I know you can hear me
Where is your agenda
Africa show me your agenda
That is going
To build Africa and sell Africa?
When are you revisiting your potential?
When are you planning to love yourself?
Tell me now Africa
When are you going to understand
That you are the blessed land?

Africa why?
Why don't you want to learn from experience?
Why don't you want to stop repetition of history?
Who said you can't move afar?
Ooooooh Africa....ok.
I know perhaps I am being harsh....
Tell me sweet Africa
When are you going to stop
Thinking you are foolish
And backward and barbaric
And hopeless and futureless?
Ooooooh mother Africa
Show me your agenda.

Look at those rivers and stop those shivers
Loooook at the beautiful mountains and the plains
Look mama Africa........
Don't you see that twilight?
See the birds high in the sky
And the rain that hides behind clouds
And the clouds that surround the sky
And the sky that habours the moon and the stars and the sun
The beautiful face of Africa.

Nooooo, Africa show me your agenda
That is going to replace
Disunity,pride, selfishness
With the United States of Africa
Uniting language of Africa
International monetary fund of Africa
African Health Organization
African criminal court of Africa
African legislative house of thinkers
And the African international market?

Africa, I know you can hear me
When are you going to stop forcing your children
To mathematics when they can do handcrafted dearly
Study a lot of chemistry
When they can do performing arts naturally
Why should they study European history
When they are naturally gifted
In repairing and manufacturing machinery?
Stop forcing children to do what they don't want to do?
As for those who can join the army,
Let them go
Those who are good at agriculture
Let them farm
Those who want to invest in all sorts of research
Support them fully
Come on Africa,,, wake up
Stop thinking beyond the box
Stop thinking around the box
" Think without the box"
As said by Prof. Lumumba.

Africa you are able
Who said you can't manufacture viral medicines and vaccines?
Who said you can't manufacture vehicles?
Who is saying you can't develop?
Who says you will never prosper?
Who says you can't have wonderful schools?
Who is saying you can't depend on your own?
Nooooo!! I say noooo. Africa no!.........

Are they Good?
Did they create Africa?
Are they destiny holders?
Do they provide life?
Won't they die like we will?
If they think they are...
Tell them I said
"Go to the store of DEATH
And release him to kill Africans
Go and plead with with DEATH to spare them
Go and bribe God to hate Africans"
If they can only do that for me,
I will "BOW" up and "worship" them.
As for you Africa,
I am waiting for your Agenda
Show me your agenda
I insist.

Emma chipukizi
"Education made our eyes sprout”

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