Where Were You?

9/11, a horrific day

But, there are some people who still can say


I was there when the first tower fell

I heard the injured’s panicked yell


I ran in to try to help them all

I tried to get to every call


But it wasn’t enough, people were dying

And now I couldn’t hold back crying


I thought of all the husbands, wives and children

Who lost a loved one in the fallen building


And then I saw a horrible sight

Another plane came around causing fright


And just when I thought that terror had had its hour

On came the second crash into the towers


I ran for the injured, the weak, and the screaming

Hoping to find someone out there still breathing


I ran for and I searched as I yelled to all around

“Get out of the building before it falls to the ground!”


And then I heard it, that ear-piercing screech

Of the floor collapsing from right under my feet


So quickly I went from injured to cripple,

As I fell to the ground, hearing screams of some people


And then I saw him, this young teenager boy

Injured and weeping as the building was destroyed


I screamed and I yelled hoping they’d find him

And I heard them push away debris as they began to skim


They searched and they searched and I kept shouting

They’d find him, I know, there was no doubting


It was then that I realized the horrible pain

I was dying because of the horrible plane


He was saved and taken for aid

And I heard his thanks as I saw his shadow fade


And I saw this light, this beautiful light

My pain was gone and replaced with delight


I saw His face and that was it

They’d know I’m gone in a little bit


9/11, a horrific day, where were you

I was giving my life to save a few


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