Where the river ends


Talon-Talon Loop,Zamboanga City<Philippines

Young man, 
it seems that you're too innocent, 
with a mind that never grows, 
piece by piece, 
you dump your thrashes on the river.

Watch it dying everyday, 
its water, 
once blue and singing melodious lullaby, 
but today it's murky, 
speaking its own eulogy, 
Don't you miss swimming on it? 

Rich man, 
it's no longer funny, 
you're intelligent but never realizes, 
the waste of your factories and mines, 
everything flows into the river.

Watch it bleeding every second, 
its water, 
once crystal clear and playing with edible fishes, 
but now is red as blood, 
hiding its death in the blanket of poisonous algae, 
Can't you hear her crying? 

When rain come, 
garbage you threw, 
clog the water way, 
and poisonous flood seep through water wells, 
everybody get sick, 
perhaps die.

Over and again, 
you'll blame government's ineptness, 
but the answer is, 
you created this problem, 
and you want it.


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