Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 20:43 -- MLE

Somewhere a world is hidden

beyond the stretch of the eye.

Something you can sneak a glance at

where the ocean meets the sky.


But in order to find that place

you must promise before you go.

That the many obstacles you will face

will not cause your faith to bow.


For He is with you

all along the way.

And when you begin to feel tired

these words He will say:


My child you are brave,

you are strong, you are great!

And for all of your courage,

you will gain a brilliant fait.


The human mind plans the way,

but the Lord directs the steps.

He will lead you to the highest mountain,

and comfort you at your lowest depths.


So what do you say,

will you give it a try?

And set out to find the place,

where the ocean meets the sky?


And will you come back and rejoice

about the journey you took?

And will you try to make a difference;

add a chapter to life’s book?


Will you begin to find love

where it seems love is lost?

And will you let go of your grudges

whatever the cost?


Because what it means to be happy

is to let the bad things pass by.

Only then is when you can clearly see

the place where the ocean meets the sky.


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