Where is the Justice and the Peace ?

We say we want justice,

We say we want peace,

But where is our equality for these boys on these streets,

They didn't get any justice or peace,

Because their families are being dragged through the mud,

They're dying everday yet no one bat's an eye,

They ignore the families and try to put them on the spot,

But we both know it's all about the boys who are out here getting shot,

We don't know their names or their faces,

But we all know the people out there shooting them are more than a little racist,

I am not saying this to be rude or unkind,

I am simply speaking my own mind,

We've all thought did they deserve to die ?

But the answer is they did not, they were simply WWB'ing,

Walking While being Black,

And last time I checked that wasn't a crime,

But it seems to me stories like this end up on the news all the time,

It's a time for change, It's time for these families to get some peace and it's time for our boys to stop dying out here on these streets,

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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