where I'm from

I am from  

grey skies   

rain sliding off slick leaves 

carrying with it the taste of sunlight  

to the earth below 


I am from  

curving mountains  

gentle greens and blues 

separated by winding  

river streaks   


I am  from 

the parched ground 

cracking under the glare 

of the oppressive sun   

more cuts in the red


I am from  

slamming doors  

raised voices and broken glass 

shards of what once was  

still hurling on 

in uncertainty 


I am from   

the mistakes I've made  

the people I met 

the rainstorms and sunrises I love

the days I want to disappear 

fire and lightening strike  

sticks and stones  

the paper I write on  

moonlight coming through the window   

everything I used to be 

and everything I will be tomorrow.






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