Where I'm From

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 10:30 -- tdeione

I am from boom boxes blasting with music

From Ancho’s chili powder and steamin’ hot beignets

I am from the old Chevy truck in the garage

So vintage that it only works with special touch,

Too fragile to just drive any way,

And the semi-faded paint that can’t help but catch your attention

I am from the calm yellow daisy in a sea of colorful wild flowers

The violet Blue Bonnet that drifted to a world of Cherokee Roses

Where all the fast blooming Cherokee Roses intimidate the Blue Bonnet from blooming too.


I am from taking pictures on every holiday so we can “capture the moment”

And never saying “goodbye” because it sounds too permanent

From Deione Oaks-Rollins-Reeves-Nicholas and Anthony “Deon” Rollins

I’m from the hot blooded Cubans that want to dance

And from always telling stories that get interrupted by laughter

From “Children should be seen and not heard!”

And “¡Ven aquí niña, y dame un beso!”


I’m from the church of the Christians, but the origin of the Catholics

Singing in the choir Sunday mornings and planning a Quinceañera

I’m from the loud wild streets of New Orleans and the busy streets of Dallas

From juicy Mexican mangos and zesty gumbo

From the Grandma Vivi that everyone loved to see!

She could make you smile even when you were about to cry.


And the old coot known as Bubba.

My grandpa could tell the story of how he and Vivi met every day,

And never get tired of telling it!

From hundreds of pictures hiding in an attic box.

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