Where I'm From


Los Angeles,

Where innocence is blessing few have,

In a sense we were born sentenced,

Before we were old enough to say a sentence,


Where I'm from,

It's divine intervention to see 21,

because Kids like me, aspire to be,

Grown men rocking stolen golden chains and white's T’s,

Imitating their forefathers,

While crying out for fathers,

momma’s needing maury to choose between four fathers

Because nobody wants to be a father.


Where I'm from,

The question where you from?

Is our to be or not to be?It equates to lots of people knowing where not to be.


Because where I'm from,

I watched grown men, struggle to read cat in the hat,

But know a pig in a badge,

Because the real American education is what they had,


Ain't it sad?

That where I'm from,

Kids wonder how I have a dad,

And talk of how they once had a dad,

Because a chance is something they never had,where I’m from,


We dream of everything we never could afford,

And forge our way through a horde of whores,

Drug dealers, and stay at homes,

Who can’t afford lights but at night?

Be turnt up, dominoes, drank, and weed,

But need that Eat-Better-Tonight to feed aka that EBT.


ya see the ghetto is where I'm from,

But I'd be damned if its what I become,

ya see the ghetto is where I'm from,

But I'd be damned if I die in a another one,




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