Where I'm From

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 21:18 -- Krammer


I am from a nest.

From Chronister and Kramme.

From German immigrants dreaming of life in America,

And blonde-haired blue-eyed sisters.


I am from BBQ cookouts,

Dipping Oreos in skim milk,

And dogs named after coins.

From the tall walls put up to keep me in,

And to shield others away.


I am from sandcastles on the beach

Scuplted to perfection

With cheap plastic shovels and buckets.

From "over" and "under" waves,

Rosey noses and shoulders,

The overpowering smell of aloe,

And assortments of collected seashells.


From shin guards and soccer cleats,

Tire swings and scrapted knees

From the cul-de-sac; my outdoor play room,

It's rough surface ripping holes in my cotton socks.

I am from the towering apple tree in my back yard,

And home-made strawberry jam in the summertime.

I am from The Little Mermaid and Rugrats,

The Berenstain Bears and Magic Tree House.

From "Go to your room!"


"Grab a hold of my  hand."


I am from pickle ornaments in the Christmas tree,

And a speak-your-mind kind of family.

From easter egg hunts after dark,

Running with flashlights, searching for the golden egg.


I am from blue and gray ribbons

Representing much more than cancer.

From the side of the hospital bed

Sitting, talking, hoping, crying, waiting.

A new appreciation of life,

A past that will not be forgotten.

I am from cross necklaces and Sunday morning dresses,

Confirmation class on Wednesday night,

Palm Sunday, the Christmas Eve service


"Thank you Jesus, Amen."


I am from a Carolina Classic, twenty-eight feet long

The "Sea Robin."

My dad and I moving faster than all life below us

Because we are the kings of the sea.

We are the ultimate predators,

Our fishing poles as weapons, our fish boxes as jails


I am from my parent's room

Where I found shelter from haunting nightmares

Where I knew where to find comfort and protection

Even in my sleep.


My heart holds these memories captive,

My mind being the key.

For I will never forget,

How I came to be.


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