Where I Belong

I fell in love with the ocean,
Its murky depths became my home.
Everyday I would go to her,
Skip rocks over her delicate skin,
And she would tickle my limbs,
Her cold hands trembling in my presence.
I could tell that she loved me too,
For she was my ocean and everyone compares their love
To her.
I came to know her ways,
The life she held within,
The dark below.
She would listen to my words,
Inhaling and exhaling in time to my speech,
Her very breath comforting me.
Over time, my love for her began to grow,
Began to cover her vastness,
But then the cold came.
When I went to her that day,
I could no longer feel her hands upon me,
Could no longer see life within her soul.
She was gone, far away from me,
Somewhere that I could not reach.
Yet I yearned in my grief to be with her.
I vowed I would.
And so, I returned to my love.
As snow fell around us,
Gently dancing in our wake,
I touched her pale face and kissed what I saw.
I moved into her, walking until our bodies merged,
Until I was shaking with her love.
The outline of the sky shrunk away as she enveloped me.
And when her mouth touched mine,
When the life she held flowed through me,
I whispered to myself:
“I am home.”


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