I say I know myself but am I really  proud of what looks back at me in the mirror 

I walk around with a plan but is it  a adventure I'm willing to follow

I grab a hold on to people wishing I could stand on my own 

Looking around for a place for me 

Asking myself where do I belong as I look around with so many places I could go 

Only having that one place meant for me 

Some days I have faith and I believe in myself

Then theirs days I questions myself on who I am or what I'm trying to be 

I can walk around trying to be somebody but if my heart doesn't feel 

I'm left alone as a nobody

I cry underneath what I'm afraid to reveal only  to have people  reject me 

When all I want is  to be is excepted 

Changing my mask trying to figure out  the one that fits me


Of cherish the one God gave me 

It's not that I'm lost or confused I was a answer for 


To truly have a place for me 

To grow and spread my wings and glide on the sky 

And smile and laugh and be around the world in my insight

Show this world that I'm capable of value and no longer looking for 

Myself but knowing what I was looking for was already stored within me 

It takes confidence in myself

That's where I belong 



Dedicated to my best friend Chauncey .I want you to understand that you are yourself that you are what you believe you can be always be yourself no matter  how many people except you . Hope you enjoy love you 


This is very powerful!! 


Thank you so much 

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