Where the Breeze Takes

Cool wet air slaps my face.

The salty breeze licks my nose with its pricking tongue.

Blankets of triangle catch the whistling zephyr. 

I laugh and scream and sing with joy to the voyage ahead.

The whirling wind pulls me along her thick silk waves.

I twist the ropes and away I fly.

The wind strengthens her lungs, but unprepared, the ropes slip, the beam comes near, and I’m struck.

Jerking forward I fall.

I fall into the deep dark depths and my body is surrounded.

And the silence, the silence filled with white noise is peaceful.

Do I stay? Or swim to my breath?

I open my eyes to the black pits around.

My heart pulls to the wind and so I go.

My thighs and calves kick up and my arms claw for the open.

I break the surface and shout with bliss.

I climb aboard and again, I fly. 


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