When you were...

As I learn to let go

of what was long ago

I can't help but remember 

what now seems like an ember

of light in the past.

I find it hard not wanting it to last.


Our good times and bad, 

times that were sad

and those times we were glad to be where we were

times we felt secure

yet sometimes unsure...


When you were butterflies in my belly

when you were peanutbutter and jelly 

on a sunny afternoon. 


When you were skipping together in a crowd

when you were not caring that we were loud

in the hall at school.


When you were late nights on the phone

when you were my favorite ringtone 

set for everytime you called.


When you were that song I loved to hear

knowing that it was for my ear-

just a few sweet words.


When you were laughing for a cure

when you were mine and I was yours

when we never had a doubt.


I hate to say that I'm to blame

but I know that things just aren't the same. 

There is no art that can truely show my heart

the way it was before we were apart. 


I would be lying if I said I wasn't dying 

to be where we were again

when you were more than just my friend.


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