When You Need Me

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fucked up

I mean, really fucked up

Like, instead of falling off the cliff you dove

And instead of hitting rock bottom you crashed into Hell.

That kind of fucked up.

And keep them raised if you felt like absolute shit about it.

And when I say shit I don’t mean the got too drunk and threw up everywhere kind of shit.

I mean the you tried to throw up because you felt so sick about it, but nothing came out so you just stood there staring at the wall retching.

That kind of shit.

I want you to know I forgive you.

And if your hand is down because this hasn’t happened to you yet

I forgive you too

Because it will.

I can assure you it will.

In fact, I can bet you money.

How much do you want?

$10, $50, $100?

I’ll bet you whatever you want because I’ll win,                                                                     

Because you’re not perfect.    

None of us are              

We are, at one point or another, failures.

Fuck ups to be precise

So if you’re not a failure yet

Don’t be surprised when the earth falls from under your feet,

And you’re suffocating in a black hole,

And you want to melt to the ground

Because you fucked up that bad.

It happens to all of us.

So I forgive you

Even if others don’t.

Even if you don’t.

I forgive you when you need it most.

I forgive you when you want it least.

I forgive you

because I know what it’s like without forgiveness

And to want to die because of it.

I forgive you.

Because you’re gonna fuck up, big time,

And you’re gonna wish on all the stars in the sky,

Pray to all the Gods in the world,

Beg to all the devils below

That you hadn’t done what you did

But it’ll be too late.            

So I forgive you

Because you may have nothing else but that.

And I forgive you

Because it just might be your salvation.

So take it as it is, don’t,

But i’m here when you need me

Even if you don’t know it yet


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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