when you cant sleep at night

when your thoughts engulf your mind

and your sleep seems far away

please hold my hand my darling,

from you ill never stray.


when your eyelids flutter close

but you cant seem to drift away

ill softly whisper prayers, my dear

till you sleep, ill be awake.


when the tears come rolling down, my love

and it doesnt seem worth it to stay

please remember me, and the times we shared

please last another day...


when you cant seem to get it right

when the lights to far to see

please lean in close tonight, my dear

here you are safe with me



for this poem, each stanza issupposed to be from a different perspective. the first, a person to their significant other. the next, a mother to her young child. the third, possibly a person greiving for a loved one who is terminally sick or in pain, physically or emotionally. then the last is all of them speaking together.

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