When the world is heavy

Thu, 10/13/2016 - 10:07 -- nreaper

The world is heavy when your in a Black Man, in a Black car, outside of a Black house, in a Black neighborhood, in a White man world.

The World is Heavy when you have to sit in a hospital bed near death look at your family member telling them it is going to be alright knowing they will fall apart without you there.

The World is Heavy when your in a school parking lot while the police are running your plates after they have pulled you over for really a tail light that was out and knowint that the only reason he hasn’t tried to really harshed me yet was because the school AP came outside to asked “what the problem was?”

The World is Heavy when people talk about the troop we have in other countries when they actually are also including my family members when inside I’m always wondering if they will come back in a box or if they will be standing tall just like they did before the left.

That’s when the World is heavy for me. What about YOU?


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Our world
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