When We Were Close Friend

We had an unselfish love when we were close friends.
You were a good friend and a trusted companion,
The only one I could depend on for sound advice was you.
We felt strong concern for the wellbeing of each other.

There was neither envy nor pretence between us.
You had faith in me and I had confidence in you.
We would protect each other from harmful situations.
It is a shame we had a dispute over trivial matters.

We used to get along well, but now you avoid me.
I sincerely regret that I said such hurtful things to you.
Vexation and disagreements will arise now and then,
But that does not justify harbouring resentment.

It was quite pleasant when we were close friends.
Yes, we would do well to settle our differences quickly.
The primary objective of God is to teach us to love,
So we should not let malice and obstinacy creep in.

I am taking the initiative to make peace with you,
Listen to me before I run out of words and influence.
Jodi, I still consider you to be a good confidante,
And I want you to be my best friend for a long time.

Your friendship is a valuable asset that I hold dear.
Please accept my apology and shake hands with me.
We can become close friends as we were before,
So let us act wisely and restore our friendship today.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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