When We are Human

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 01:54 -- Hauser

When you feel that breeze on a Sunday,When you feel the world flowing,There is a feeling of peace.  When you wake up to the sunlight's kisses,When you stay up to the night's rhythm and blues, There is a feeling of harmony.  When you lose to a familiar game,When you trip over a broken path,There is a feeling of unbalance. All of these things are okay,We are human, and that's okay, When we think we have ideas,When we have ideas we make theories,When we make theories we test those theories, And when we test those theories we get results that are sometimes good and sometimes bad, And that's okay. When we have the idea to love ourself we look up instead of down,We smile instead of frown,What a crazy beautiful idea. When you feel that love for yourself,You start to live.And that's okay too. 

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