When Love Is The Foremost Thing On Your Mind

Your mornings begin with cheer and laughter

When love is the foremost thing on your mind


Things aren’t as hopeless as they seem

You find yourself humming and singing all day long


Although it’s late in the night, you can’t fall asleep

You’d rather stay awake and daydream until dawn


There are so many things to do with your time,

But you want to spend every day with your sweetheart


When you think of the one that excites your heart,

The madness of this world doesn’t affect you


You can’t wait for a chance to start a romance

That's what happens when you think of love


You don’t care about the things that people say

Your happiness is all that really matters to you


The things you want to express don’t come readily to mind

And there’s no one like the special person you love


You can certainly bear the unpleasant things in life

When love is the foremost thing on your mind

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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