When I overcame flipping into a pool


Live Oak, Tx
7813 Hunter Oaks St.
United States

"Ahh... no, I don't want to break my head,
me doing this flip will surely make me dead."
My mind was always over exaggerated back then,
I just wish I could do that first flip all over again.
It was a sunny day with me carefree,
kids having fun and shouting with glee.
I saw this diving board at the pool that surely caught my eye,
in my mind, it looked quite high.
I wanted to try it out and see for my self,
from that height, I looked like an elf.
I thought to myself, "Wish I could flip and not just jump off,
I should do a flip and not run-off.
At the same time, my mind was saying "No don't do it,
this attempt doesn't seem safe and legit. 
I ignored my mind and jumped,
in the air, I would soon be plumped.
I hit the water and soon felt pain,
it was my back to be exact, yelling at me in vain.
I learned me lesson to not try things beyond my level,
it was clear to me to not be a rebel.




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I hope that people will kike my poem

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