When I Became An Adult


A placing a plate of cookies and glass of warm milk for Santa

On the dining room table was a waste of time

At least I got to witness my father gobble it down

Faster than the fall of Humpty Dumpty when he broke his crown

The sun came to a rise, and to my surprise

Christmas was at its bay, finally! As my siblings and I shouted, “Horray!”

In a flash of realization we ran to the tree

We resembled a frantic frenzy

Grabbing and tossing every box that wasn’t for me

Until I came across a shiny purple box, signed from Aunty Wendy

Hmmm I think to myself; what can this be?

Ripping through the paper, I excite myself hoping for a mini portable TV

Instead, my eyes rested upon….a polyester glitter sequenced training bra

With a note that read…

Cover up your breast with these cups, size C

For your pre-teen chest is a sight to see

Embarrassed, I gently closed the box

And thought…Christmas is no longer for me.


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