When a heart breaks

When a heart breaks, the guy is blamed. 

When the guy breaks, the side chick is blamed. 

When the side chick is blamed, the girl is seen as not good enough. 

For, if he had truly loved her, why would he have a reason to cheat?

If she was good enough, wouldn't he truly love her?

This is not true. 

When the heart breaks, this feels true, but in the end everyone is hurt. 

And the heart is broken. 

Sometimes, it's not anyone's fault, but instead the fault of dying passion. 

When passion dies, the love is gone. 

Its a whisper in a once noisy room, turned to mute. 

 The truth stings as if you were slapped by a large, muscular man. 

But, the heart will heal. 

The heart will mend and it will love again. 

For when the heart breaks, it is waiting for the right person to make it whole again. 

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