When Dreams Become Life

The horses run free and the chaotic winds twirl 

As the pyramids collapse and crumble

Beneath our very hands

Our mainstream life we’ve known so well has ended 


We’re breathless and dead in our tracts 

Imagined footprints disappear with each step forward

Moving through this dark tunnel, its sides twisting and turning 

There’s vast nothingness on the other end 


Fun house mirrors are now our reality 

Distortion and irregularity is strangely normal 

Glass is shattered and segmented into tiny crystals 

Clowns laugh at the mere sight of us


The sync of our breath ceases to exist, tick tock

The rhythm of hearts is a monotone cry of silence 

It beats to an unknown phenomenon, controlled by something else 

Kaleidoscope windows are tainted with paint


Marshmallow clouds begin to quake 

The thread holding the sky breaks into pieces

Poseidon’s trident storms the sea 

An orchestra of clashes clammer against brick walls 


Crisp leaves crumble between our delicate fingertips 

Shooting stars and ufo’s stand beside us as if this

Abnormal abstractness should be normal

Where are we?


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