When Conscience Kicks In


United States
28° 35' 42.3564" N, 81° 21' 3.3912" W

As I stood before my mother's eyes
I stood there guiltlessly full of lies
lying to everyone including my mother
blaming everything on my brother

I know what I did
he was only a little kid
and while I sit there
the child remains unconscious in intensive care

As I continue to hide
people begin to realize that I lied
my mother begs me to confess
and clear my brother of this mess

Laying in bed
the memory remains vividly in my head
knowing if I confess my brother is clear
however I know my end would be near

the boy wakes up and he's fine
but the fact remains the fault was mine
tomorrow I'm going to clear my brother from this shame
after all it was my choice to play this game

In this cell I will remain
bound to eventually go insane
I know I made the right choice
by listening to my inner voice

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