Whats after?

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 15:50 -- elvira

I find myself thinking

why so many people

look to have fame,

to have money

to feel accepted.


i used to think that way

that i would be happy

looking the wrong way

i was unhappy

at times i felt

as though


i have it now

i am happy

but the next day

or so

would be back

to thinking

what more do i need


my deepest desire

that god put there

was calling me


i finally saw

that the world

offers so much

but god offers more

the world gives

but wont last

its temporary

and one day

will fade away


but will stay

is our life

after death

why do we go

through so much

to only find

nothing after death


meaning and purpose

to our lives

its all for something

not nothing

we can reject the idea

but it doesnt mean

its not true



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