What You Mean to Me

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:24 -- Tia1729

Freezing fingers interlace, fighting over the tiniest bit of heat

Cold winds chill noses and whip hair across blushing cheeks

Warm laughter and lively smiles disregard the cold

Black asphalt splashed with yellow lines lead us on

Side roads don’t scare us, creatures of darkness hide

Bright eyes and dreams of what might happen light up our steps

We dream together, planning our separate ways, but always having a plan to meet again

This is what our friendship is.


There is no such thing as empty laughter,

Fake smiles, or unfulfilled promises.

Hands interlock within each of our hearts

Pulling us to stay together,       

Pushing us to become stronger.

Arms are open for the one with a burden too heavy to carry.

Anger and love explodes at the stupid mistakes made

Simple advice is told to always keep us moving

This is what our friendship means.


Midnight texts and calls waking up grumpy sleepers

A shaking voice asking for help

All irritation disappears

Sleepy eyes flash open as fears or nightmares are told

Loving, caring words are spoken to sooth a restless heart.

There is something deeper than just words,

It is an understanding. 

It is a true friendship.


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