What Is This World In Which We Live

The night has crept in but our skies remain lit
what is the world in which we live
The lamps are all off but windows remain bright
what is the world in which we live
No more do we worry about writing in script
what is the world in which we live
surrounded by ringtone's an smart phones 
kids don't go outside when they believe their social in their homes
forgetting to talk or even say hello
but these are the things they were taught at birth 
to hide from the world and rely on a screen
this is the sadest of all of the things
we'We've forgotten the past and advance to the future
plugged into an unknown speaker
only heard when we text but never in person
we're losing the reasons to confirm that we're human
what is the world in which we live 
you lost out on happiness because it passed by
while you were texting he was walking outside
we're losing our futures and we're signing our life
away to the people who can turn friends into Iphone fives
what is the world in which we live
This poem is about: 
Our world


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