What Is The Wisdom Of Mankind?

A wise person does not destroy his or her only home.

Wise people do not deliberately pollute the earth.

Wise people do not build weapons of mass destruction.


A wise person does not become a police or a soldier.

Wise people do not fight and kill one another.

Wise people do not let anybody use them like puppets.


A wise person does not run for satanic political office.

Wise people do not worship lifeless national flags.

Wise people do not empower others to control them.


A wise person does not go against the law of creation.

Wise people do not view unnatural behaviours as the norm.

Wise people do not refuse to take part in procreation.


A wise person does not crave money and material vanity.

Wise people do not gamble or steal to obtain riches.

Wise people do not want to be mixed up in corruption.


A wise person does not accept doctrines without proof.

Wise people do not confuse beliefs with the truth.

Wise people do not allow the clergy to brainwash them.


The so-called intellectuals are destroying the world.

As a matter of fact, only damn fools do such foolish things.

So the wisdom of mankind is absolute foolishness.

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Our world


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