What Were They Like

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 19:08 -- Keace

What were they like

When they fell down, when they withered,

When they returned to the earth


The leaves that I knew from the beginning,

And left before the end

The trees waved goodbye

The sigh inside me brought tears to my soul

And at that moment it split into two parts

One stayed behind

It stayed with the leaves

One stayed with me

And brought me to peace


The longer apart

The deeper the loss

And we were lost

So we went back

We dug into the ground

Through rocks and mud

Through soil and grass

To feel the withered leaves in our hands

And stayed there until the wind decided it was time

The trees blessed my face

I could breathe

I could taste my breath

I stood still as the trees

And I joined the oceans breeze

I now looked beyond the shoreline

And I saw myself where I had once gone

And I went back

I looked behind and knew I’d be back


My soul was whole

But took with it parts of this place when it came along with me

And we traveled all parts of this world

Taking with us what connected us

And we felt every sorrow

Every joy, every laughter, every tear

Every fear, every worry

Every excitement, every story

We felt the world

We felt it as it progressed, digressed

As it kept spinning around and around

The moon following like a mosquito after human flesh

Guiding our feelings like it guided the tides

The one thing we felt we could almost rely on to never change

To never stop

To always be there for us

Because the leaves come and go,

The trees get torn from this world as easily as wiping dust

The dust blows away without a care of where it goes

And we go to where our hearts beat in time



<3 :,)

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