What We Deserve

broken bones

blackened eyes

bleeding wounds

“but don’t worry

because i love you”


shutting her up

by shutting her in

this set of walls that you call a “home”

her cries for help go unnoticed

the only acknowledgements she gets

are whispers on the street


until one day her physical scars are not looked at, but seen

and suddenly

She Is Free.


but her brother in survival is not so obvious

for his scars cannot be seen

they don’t appear on his skin

but slowly rip his heart and soul to shreds


the subtlety of his wounds will lead to his demise


deteriorating self confidence

disinclination to leave the “home”

depression that is suffocating and all consuming

“but don’t worry

because i love you”


his eyes scream and yearn for help

but our ears are deaf to the cries

slowly, as his screams are ignored

they begin to go silent

and all that is left is a shell of a human

with muted eyes and a barren soul


his struggle is painted in invisible ink all over his skin

and just as he can’t be seen

He Can’t Be Free.


she deserves more

he deserves more

we deserve more


we deserve to be cared about

we deserve to be treated with respect

we deserve to be able to live without fear

we deserve happiness and laughter

we deserve honesty

we deserve loyalty

we deserve sympathy


we deserve to be able to feel pride rather than remorse when we are told

“Because I Love You”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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