What taught me all I know



I rely on an unpredictable,


and sometimes seemingly non reciprocal relationship.

Yes, it seems abusive, but trust me we’re fine.


It do me great stress,

and taught me that the previous verse was improper “grammer”.

And that “grammer” should be “grammar”, not spelt with an “e”.

And that I shouldn’t start a sentence with “and”, especially if it’s repetitive.


It taught me how to regroup,

to find new friends when old ones proved mean or disloyal.

It taught me to carry over the one,

that values should be held close and never left behind.

It taught me that 2 could actually be proven to equal 1,

that one small mistake could create a disastrous result,

and that actions have consequences.


It taught me that dogs and cats can’t have babies together,

that sometimes, relationships just aren’t meant to be.

It taught me that we’re made up of trillions of cells,

that if we as a community work together, we could do anything.


And even now, in my current economics class,

it teaches me that college is expensive,

and that I should probably apply to more scholarships such as these.


I rely on something that potentially determines my future.

It controls which people I hang out with,

what morals I should have,

and how to be successful.


Because I rely on an unpredictable,


And a sometimes seemingly non reciprocal relationship -

with my school.


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