What Should I Write About


Do you ever have problems thinking of what to do?

Yes? Well, me too.

Take this poem for example-

About what should I write?

Should it be about the nervous system?

The one that tells us fight or flight?

Or maybe another topic would be better for me…

I can speak about running-

How when I run I feel free.

I can speak about sleep

and the darling dreams we dream.

Of sugar plums, fairies, and chocolate ice cream.


I can speak of troubles from junior high,

Continuing to freshman drama and countless sighs.

I can speak about seniors, so eager to leave-

Graduation and college- that’s all seniors see.


I can speak about you, the people listening to this.

In boredom you listen,

each in your own abyss.

I can speak about me!

The female mind!

All my thoughts and opinions,

How sometimes you’ll find

that yes means no and no means yes,

How I always seem to feel as though I’m second best.

How chocolate is happiness and In-n-Out is heaven

How once a month, those foods get to teach me a lesson.

I can speak about my family

And how apparently I’m a mom.

Cooking for my siblings

When my parents are gone.


I can speak about Chipotle

and how their burritos are so good!

I can speak about fairytales,

like Little Red Riding Hood.

Or maybe Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White,

Things you read to your kids before turning out the light.


I can speak about church,

all the things I believe.

In a world like ours,

we need something on which to cleave.

I can speak of today, yesterday, or tomorrow

I can speak about happiness, anger, and sorrow.

All the emotions that one can feel,

The ones that surround us and make us feel real.


In all honesty, anything is fine.

I can speak about anything that crosses my mind.

I can speak of the trouble this poem gives me,

about how I struggle to see what others see.

I can speak of the first 10 poems I wrote.

How they all ended quickly,

none winning my vote.

I can speak of decisions that we have to make.

Where to go to college, where every morning I’ll wake,

where I know more assignments like this one await.

Well this poem is due tomorrow,

and I’m just full of doubt.

Maybe you could tell me what to write about.


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