What poetry means to me

Poetry is not just literature full of rhymes,

but it contains the emotions and inspirations behind it.

Poems are an art of beauty, it's a chance for the author to come alive,

Poems stimulate the mind, people with different backgrounds and aspects of life,

can relate to eachother, understanding that everyone has a purpose.

Poetry is a standard of learning, you cannot comprehend poetry unless you

are able to analyze it. Poetry is metaphorically written to touch the hearts of

people in general who are dealing with the same issues in life.

Poetry is like a song with a rhythm and message behind it.

Words may be easy to be written on paper but hard to be verbally expressed.

the content of a poem may be harsh or sweet but a poem can also put  the

reader at ease. A poem can be a comforter in a time of need,

the words of a poems can help a depressed soul to feel relieved.

What poetry means to me? It means everything to me. 


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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

poetry is what you want it to be

define your style

you rock

wel written piece


thanx appreciate it

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