What man do man, a question so old,
Yet still it haunts us, so strong and bold.
For what we do echoes in time,
Leaves behind a legacy, so sublime.

Do we sow seeds of love and kindness,
Or plant the seeds of hate and blindness?
Do we build bridges, or walls of fear,
Do we lend a hand, or turn a deaf ear?

Do we speak out for the voiceless and weak,
Or stay silent, letting injustice speak?
Do we uplift others, or tear them down,
Do we wear a smile, or a bitter frown?

For what man do man, is what we'll see,
In the world we create, and how we'll be.
May we choose the path of love and light,
And make a difference, in every sight.

For the smallest acts of kindness and care,
Can spread like wildfire, everywhere.
And as we touch each life we meet,
We create a ripple, so pure and sweet.

So let us be the change we seek,
And sow seeds of love, so meek.
For what man do man, is what we'll be,
Let us make it beautiful, for all to see.

© Brown Sketchys 🖊️

This poem is about: 
Our world


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