What makes Mel Feel Good

My name is Meleka,

I go by Mel.

What makes me feel good,

is a bottle of fuze tea.

It's so refreshing,

a burst of lemon.

I love Doritos,

my most fave snack,

from my childhood,

It's just so Cheesy.

Oh my goodness,

you can't go wrong without,

a box of goobers,

chocolate is my,


Whenever I'm,



out and about,

feeling down.

I'll listen to Sia,

I love Cheap Thrills,

or the melody,

of Fifth harmony,

or Alessia Cara Scars to your Beautiful.

From time to time,

I'll just dance,

to just dance,

the number one game,

across the globe.

And dance even though,

I can't dance,

but anyone,

can just,

jump in.


Most of all,

what makes me feel,

good is spending time,

precious time,

with family and friends.

Receiving feedback from my peers

and instructors,

And those I meet along my journey,

Also the challenges I face.

(Drops mic).

This poem is about: 
My family


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