What love looks like

   Prompt: What does love like?


Love looks like constantly checking your phone for messages

Love looks like grinning at that same phone when you receive them

Love looks like staying up long enough to find out more and more about your crush. 

Love looks like laying on the bed with the warm phone pressed your ear,


Not caring or paying attention to the time that passes within the conversation


Love looks like closing your eyes and enjoying the sound of his voice.

Love looks like laying in bed,

Reminiscing and imaging what it would be like if he was in your bed right now.

Love looks like going to the back of the house,

Trying not to disturb your parents with your night long conversations

Love looks like falling asleep with them still on the computer screen 


Love looks like going into the bathroom at night to learn about each other’s bodies.

Love looks like typing as fast as you can when you get into an argument with him.

Love looks like almost throwing the phone when you’re frustrated with him.

Love looks like crying in bed

With your head against the pillow

Fearing he’ll never call or message back


And when he does,

Love looks like smiling with tears streaming down your face while your smiling. 

Love. Mysterious and fluid.


Love looks like getting letters and packages in the mail.

Love looks like sending packages and letters to the post office

Love looks like being in the car and waiting to see him.

Love looks like kissing him for the first time.

Love looks like smiling from ear to ear hugging him.


Love looks like looking at each other in the mirror together and never wishing to be apart from him. 

Love looks like falling asleep in his arms.

Love looks like taking a long and boring bus ride to go see him.


That’s what love looks like;

Beautiful, mysterious, fluid,


I love it

For everything it is

For everything, he is. 

This poem is about: 
My family


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!


Thank you!! :D

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